Review: Spider-Man: Far From Home

The sequel to 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming has hit cinemas and with the traumatic after-effects of Endgame, this movie had high expectations from beloved fans.

Far from Home sends 16-year-old Peter Parker on a school trip around Europe as the only mission he has to complete this time is to tell MJ, played by the outstanding Zendaya how he feels about her. But, as we all know, superheroes never truly get a break from their duties and with great power, comes great responsibility…and with Iron Man gone, Peter Parker’s responsibilities have grown.

Spider-Man: Far From Home is a movie that continues to prove that Tom Holland is the best Peter Parker. There’s a certain scene where Peter realises he has made a huge mistake and voices his burdens to Happy on the jet and honestly, I cried so much. Tom Holland portrays the perfect 16 year-old friendly neighbourhood Spider-Man who just wants to live out his school days by telling his crush he likes her but has the responsibilities of saving the world and doing Tony Stark proud. It’s beautiful to watch.

Even more brilliant, Jake Gyllenhaal as Mysterio is the perfect casting. Starting off as on the same side as Peter to becoming the villain of the film, Mysterio is a breath of fresh air the MCU needed. He’s sarcastic, he’s funny but most of all he’s human and yet it takes everything for Peter to beat him. Those illusion scenes? Holy shit. And Peter using his spidey senses or as May has called his Peter Tinkle to fight the illusions? Bad. Ass.

But what really came out of this movie was MJ. Far from Home finally makes her a real fully dimensional character. She’s hilarious, smart as hell and despite controversy in the past, the PERFECT MJ.

This movie is everything the MCU deserves. It’s breath-taking in its visuals, it’s full of humour but also raw emotion and depth and finally, it’s everything Tony Stark would expect from his son. I loved it with every fibre of my being. And not only because Jake and Zendaya are fire.

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