30 Days of Pride: Moonlight

My review for this film on Letterboxd is an absolute shambles having written it 5 minutes after finishing this film with tears rolling down my face and feeling a hundred and one different emotions. But now that my head has cleared, here’s my second shot.

In a sentence, Moonlight is an artistic masterpiece and completely worthy of its Oscar. This film is a tender, heart-breaking portrayal of a young man’s struggle to find himself. Interestingly and differently to most films, Moonlight is told across three defining chapters in lead Chiron “Black” Harris’ life as we watch him grow old and experience the pain and beauty of falling in love while grappling with his sexuality.

Moonlight truly is a work of art. It portrays masculinity in a whole new light that the film industry hasn’t touched or exposed before in the modern world. Every shot had me captivated and drawn in. It’s a devastating, painful and extremely emotional love story and most definitely is the best film I have watched in a LONG time.