30 Days of Pride: Billy Elliot

For my next LGBT+ movie, I had the pleasure of re-watching this iconic movie. No matter what anyone says, Billy Elliot will always be one of my favourite films. And I will always say “BILLEH!” in a Scottish accent.

Billy Elliot is set against the background of the 1984 Miner’s Strike and follows the eponymous protagonist 11 year old Billy Elliot who defies against norms of fighting in the ring to follow a different passion, that of ballet dancing. Viewers watch as he faces many trials and triumphs as he strives to fight against his family’s and society’s set ways regarding gender and sexuality. To sum this film up, Billy Elliot annihilates toxic masculinity and gender roles with tap dancing and ballet. It’s amazing.

Billy Elliot is a film that has taught children and adults alike that it is okay to not like “boy things” or “girl things”. I myself owe a lot of my inner acceptance and peace to this beautiful film and I hope that it can continue to do this and more in the future as well, despite it’s old age.

It’s rare for a LGBT+ film to be this successful but Billy Elliot is just that. This movie made me feel warm and soft and tender on the inside. It breaks gender stereotypes, tackles toxic masculinity and portrays early sexual awakening – how can a film be more powerful than that?! Billy Elliot will singlehandedly defeat homophobia. Yes he will. I’ve planted the seed and I will see the harvest.

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