DC’s Titans: an underwhelming mess

When the news of DC’s Titans show got announced, I was like everyone else, overwhelmed with excitement. The comics are amazing so I had high expectations. And we all know I’m a sucker for Dick Grayson in the DC comics but shortly after watching this show, I was left with many emotions and none of them were positive. Despite actor Brenton Thwaites being the perfect cast for Dick and his performance, this show had little redeeming qualities. To sum it up, DC’s Titans is an underwhelming mess that is at odds with itself, representing the worst of what DC TV shows can do.

DC Titan’s begins with Dick Grayson, Robin detached from partner Batman as he attempts to remove himself from the job. We watch him struggle with his anger and rage as he grows closer and closer with character Rachel as she becomes who we all know as Raven. The show introduces us to the main characters that make Titans and yet, none of them had the depth they needed to make me actually care about them. The central plot revolves around a character who, in the comics, I loved but on screen, Raven was written all wrong. In short, she made me yawn.

This show also attempts to create the perfect set up of a good big brother relationship between Dick and Rachel as she develops into raven and yet, this never actually happens? The thing about this show is that it tried to fit way too much into one season to the point that you’re waiting for stuff to happen but by episode 11, there are a million and one plot holes. Dick still has no control over his anger, Rachel is screwed up more than ever, the other characters are still lacking in any relevance and as a watcher, I am more confused than anything else.

And then there’s the character of Starfire. Her role in the season is to find out who she is. You’d think with 11 episodes, that’s more than enough time to remember and yet I still don’t know who she is. She is positioned as a supporting character at most alongside Beast Boy which, in the grand scheme of things, is disappointing and sad. These characters have the potential to be as central as Dick and Rachel and yet, this is wasted in the show.

The costumes. When I watch a superhero show, costumes are a big part of whether something turns out to be brilliant or not. The latter was the case here. Come on, we’re in the 21st century, surely we can make better costumes for our heroes. But instead, both robins and the rest looked absolutely ridiculous. Almost as ridiculous as the characters in Black Lightening and that is saying something. They looked childish, and extremely over-the-top.

But the thing that let me down the most was the finale. The final episode of the season consists of a dream sequence and does nothing but waste time not only for the story but also the characters. Although the sequence allows hardcore fans nostalgia in that we get to see characters such as Batman and the Joker but the thing is…we don’t actually get to see them. All we get is the silhouette. This is a lazy cop out if you ask me. The finale was boring and a total waste of time that could have been resolved in 15 minutes easy.

This show has potential if they spend less time trying to move the plot along and more time working on character development. If season 2 does go forward, I want more character-focus and less time wasted on nonsensical plot development that still left viewers confused.

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